Stem Cell Therapy

Seattle Regenerative Medicine doctors are experts in the cutting edge fields of STEM cell therapy for the rejuvenation of the back, knees and joints of the body using the body's own cells to treat the affected area.

Is this the year you stop living with pain and get back to doing what you love?

JuvaStem Biologics® procedures are advanced stem cell procedures for treating arthritis, orthopedic injuries and other degenerative conditions.

With these patented procedures we will use precise injections of your own stem cells to help your body’s ability to heal tendons, ligaments, cartilage, damaged muscles, spinal disc and bone. These treatments can allow the patient to avoid or put off surgery for longer and recover much quicker to get back to the things they love to do.


JuvaStem Therapy from Bone Marrow

Using the cells of the patient to heal the patient. Only cells know how to heal tissue and close wounds naturally. The best a physician can do is to move obstacles out of the way, supply materials to injured areas and leave the fight against disease and injury to the cells themselves. Using the proprietary JuvaStem® process our doctors will produce a unique blend of stem cells and plasma derivatives, which will be used to enhance your body's natural healing mechanism.

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Ankle with a red spot showing where the pain is

Stem cell treatments for ankle and foot pain, have shown to be the ideal alternative to invasive surgery. As a non-surgical regenerative therapy JuvaStem Biologics® allows for our patients to use their own bodies' biologics to treat injuries including osteoarthritis, ligament and tendon tears, as well as many degenerative conditions related to the foot or ankle.


Lower lumbar or back pain doesn't have to control your live. Often a non-surgical treatment of Stem Cell therapy using your own body's biologics for common injuries including stenosis, annular tears of the disc, degenerative disc disease, and other degenerative problems to your back can significantly improve your life.


Before going the surgical route to repair your tennis elbow, explore non-surgical therapy like stem cell therapy. We use stem cells from your own body to heal elbow conditions including osteoarthritis, ulnar collateral ligament tear, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and other repetitive sports related elbow conditions.


Stem cell therapy has advanced the way we treat and repair injuries to the hip including osteoarthritis, labrum tears and tendon tears. Stem cells extracted from you own body offer you a non-surgical treatment to these conditions and other degenerative hip conditions.


Knee injuries and wear on the cartilage often leave pain suffers believing their only option is surgery. Stem cell therapy offers a non-surgical alternative. Our JuvaStem Biologics® treatment uses your body's stem cells repair and heal knee injuries including osteoarthritis, torn meniscus, torn ACL and other debilitating conditions.


Cervical pain sufferers know that living with chronic long-term neck pain is not an option. For most sufferers the surgical treatment plan is just as bad as the pain itself. This is where a non-surgical stem cell treatment can offer an alternative. Using your body's own biologics to heal common neck injuries including everything from torn or painful cervical discs, degenerative disc disease, facet injuries, spondylolysis and other chronic neck pain problems.


Shoulder and Rotator Cuff injuries no longer require extensive physical therapy or invasive surgical procedures to treat. Stem cell therapy using AminoFix or your body's own biologics have shown to help patients suffering from common shoulder related injuries including rotator cuff and shoulder labrum tears, repetitive use injuries from sports activities, and osteoarthritis of the shoulder.


By using stem cells, SRMC is able help its patients who are suffering from wrist and hand related conditions including carpal tunnel, basal joint arthritis, TFCC tear, thumb CMC and chronic wrist and hand related injuries.

  • Do your treatments comply with FDA regulations
    Do your treatments comply with FDA regulations

    Yes. Our treatments involve only your own stem cells and involve no more than minimal manipulation of the cells so they are compliant.

  • What are stem cells and where do they come from?
    What are stem cells and where do they come from?

    Stem cells are the cells that control and ultimately divide and change into specific tissue types. In fact, they are called a ‘stem’ cell because the various tissues stem from this cell type. In adults, stem cells are present within different tissues and organ systems, the most common being bone marrow and fat tissues. At SRMC, we use only your own stem cells (autologous) harvested from bone marrow.

  • Is the JuvaStem Therapy procedure painful?
    Is the JuvaStem Therapy procedure painful?

    Most patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure and mild tenderness at the needle puncture sites after the procedure. We do offer sedation by our board-certified anesthesiologist should you desire to have no awareness during the procedure.

  • What happens during the JuvaStem harvest and injection?
    What happens during the JuvaStem harvest and injection?

    On your treatment day, if you are having the procedure done with sedation, we will first place an IV in your hand or arm. If you choose not to have sedation, we will not place an IV. For the JuvaStem harvest, we will have you lay either on your stomach or your back and position yourself to your comfort. If you are having sedation, that will be started once you are positioned. Your skin will be washed and draped to keep it sterile. We will inject your skin with a local anesthetic. The bone marrow is then harvested using specialized equipment, including either ultrasound or fluoroscopy for visualization during the procedure. This process is usually not painful, with only mild discomfort. After the bone marrow is harvested, we then employ our propriety process of separation and concentration to produce the JuvaStem product. Once we have the final product, we will then inject the JuvaStem product at your site of injury. Following the procedure, we will briefly monitor you in our recovery area before discharging you home.

  • What is the success rate?
    What is the success rate?

    This depends on the exact procedure. Patients with disc pain in their low back had as much as 80% improvement in pain scores for as long as 2 years post injection in one study (International Orthopedics 40.1 (2016): 135-140.). Typically, we note that 70-80% of our patients see meaningful improvements with the procedure.

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