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Neck Pain

Regenerative Alternative to Neck Surgery and Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can escalate to a level of discomfort that surgery may seem like the only option. But interventional regenerative medicine offers a non-invasive alternative that uses your body's own cells to repair the damage to the soft tissue in the neck.

Regenerative Medicine Alternatives

Here at Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center in Bellevue, we specialize in providing our patients with some of the most advanced therapy options to treat chronic neck pain. Overseen by orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Richard Rooney, SRMC offers PRP and Stem Cell therapy to our patients.

How We Use Stem Cells Therapy

We first extract the cells from your bone marrow, then separate and concentrate them. Once the biologic is prepared, the doctor injects the stem cells at the injury site. The cells naturally attract and contain growth proteins and factors that aid in the bodies natural recovery. Stem cell therapy is ideal for tissue injuries with low to no blood flow such as spinal discs.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy for Chronic Neck Pain

Unlike steroid injections or pain medication, PRP is a safe regenerative biologic therapy that is derived from your own blood. Seen as a major health improvement from steroid injections, patients can experience pain relief for four to six months. Because the process uses platelet rich plasma from your own blood and not steroidal medicine, the process can be repeated a few times a year.

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